Out of Touch Chapter 32 out now!

Hey guys!

Chapter 32 is here and it's full of 1222 new renders and lots of fun lewd content!

>Leah, Leah, we want more Leah!

Yeah yeah I hear you, there's more Leah. There's a lot more Leah. More than you can handle!



OoT Ch31 to Ch32 patch.zip 250 MB
Jun 01, 2022
out-of-touch-win.zip 6 GB
Version 2.27 Jun 01, 2022

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Carpo's 'gift' looks similar to what was returned to Cro. If the gift was actually a part of Carpo then I wonder how much was influenced by her feelings and how the coming chapters will be. Though that's just the tin foil speaking ;p