Out of Touch Chapter 36 is out now!

Hey guys! The penultimate chapter in Leah's arc is out now! 

Will she finally figure out her problems? Will CJ do something completely stupid? Find out!


OoT Ch35 to Ch36 patch.zip 226 MB
96 days ago
out-of-touch-win.zip 6 GB
Version 2.45 96 days ago
out-of-touch-mac.zip 6 GB
Version 2.45 96 days ago

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Hey man, can you please tell me why cant I see the ch35 to 36 patch when I press the download button? It only shows the original game zips.

it’s very outdated by this point and many important fixes were included in the newest full version of 2.51, which is everything you’ll need.

Thanks man sorry for not catching up I was too busy in the last two months

Somehow my resolution settings keep breaking... can´t really seam to adjust them like at all... the game itself doesn´t scale to the settings i put in and most menu fields are "out of screen" and un-reachable for me... ^^ would really love to play the game but i prevents me to do so :(


That was fucking SICK.  Every time I get relaxed I'm hit with another curveball.  Love this game so much.

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Having followed OoT as long as I have I should have known better than to think "Oh, XX is ending on a surprisingly good note" before the ending actually happened lol.

If the chapters with Khione are anything to go by 37-38 are going to be really interesting!


Oh, 37 is going to be wild.