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This game is so awesome. It made me laught it made me cry it made me feel so many diffrent things. Keep going hope an android version will be out someday. Until then i need to play it on my garbage Laptop.


Haven't played much of the game but is there incest with the sister or am I going to have to download some cuck patch? in face I better be able to bang her.


Chapter 26.




Put simply, I absolutely love this game. Wasn't expecting to get as invested as I have and I'm loving it. I love that each character has actual... personality? I love it all. Top-tier game with only more top-tierness coming.


Thank you! Glad you're enjoying it!


Got to the end of the android version, time to pull out my laptop and continue this wonderful story. Thank you for making Chad Thundercock the best meme 🤣


"All you have to do is follow the damn train, CJ"

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I wish someone would make an at least unofficially Android App for this!

Edit: Don't mind, I just saw some earlier replies that you are working on it, Thanks.

wait doesn't 1.62.5v zip (computer v.) work in joiplay or what i download it and the app joiplay tell me it's not supported! what does it means? this is what i do : 

game name : out of touch 

version : 1.62.5

executable file: i choose the file "oot.exe"

and it tell me it's not supported. is it not supported really or i do something wrong??? 

Out of Touch runs on Unity, it won't work with Joiplay.

then how can i play it in Mobil (android)? 


I am... so confused...



Just wow
I have no idea how you came up with all this but this is incredible. I'm truly at a loss of words. 
Came for the NSWF tag? FUCK that the story  is infinitely better and more interesting. That story is going places and I want to follow it!
Keep up the outstanding work!


Thank you! Really glad you enjoyed it!


Played a bit more and this game got my crying.
And I'm not usually one to cry over stuff. 
You truly made something amazing!


All you had to do was catch the damn train

Any news on why Linux wouldn't work? Still waiting and hoping it gets fixed so I can give this game a go


We pinned it down to a stupid Unity bug with compiling asset bundles for Linux. It's apparently a pretty well known issue that they've yet to address. Snow has an idea of how to fix it but it'll require a few days of work, but right now we're all trying to get the Android build working first. After that, Linux is definitely on the list.

Ok, that sounds good to me! I was worried it might've been a permanent thing. I'm glad it doesn't seem to be something serious. Thanks for getting back to me on that so quickly! Good luck with the android build!


Thank you!

Definitely not permanent, I'm not happy that you guys have to wait at all. Same with Android.


It does suck but it cant be avoided, thanks for putting in so much work!

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Why the android ver finished when cho'dhorang is defeated?. Dö i have to download the PC ver and playing it with joyplay to have all 26 chapters?

Yes the current Android build is based on the old Ren'py version and ends at Ch15. However, the new Unity Android build will be fully up to date.

Until our Unity Android version comes out, we recommend playing OoT on PC or Mac.


Good game, the music do be boppin' though.

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Hey Story Anon, I did leave a 5 star for my first time here on I know you have heard it before, but you are a fantastic writer! That's coming from a pleb though. Seriously thank you so much for sharing this with the world, you are fantastic and I see a bright future for you! I cannot wait for the next chapter!


thank you! Glad you’re enjoying it! 

Hi, im on android and i have completed the story is there anything i can do like the one's in the photos i thought it was an 18+ game but all i saw was just kissing and falling inlove, etc. when will it update on the new version?. and yes im not a pervert lol i just want tp try it out and btw your game is amazing. :D

Getting the Unity Android build running is our top priority right now, hopefully you won’t have to wait too much longer!

Ahhh :D

I'm expecting the same, I got so hooked on the story that I forgot it was a +18 game haha

hi, is it possible to get a content warning on this game? i know adult themes and shit but after that very beginning with vic and cj i'd like to know what else i'm getting myself into, cuz that had me reeling.


This  game is fantastic so far! Loving it but I'm stuck on the first battle! CJ has no attack button and his partner either misses or does no damage. Help? I'm playing the latest version on mac.


Hi Arc!


. some spoiler dots





Just heal the hostage to full HP to win. After you heal, make sure to punch Cro with Aine in order to keep her focused on you.

CJ has no attack on purpose, he's pure support.


Ah I would've never figured it out. :o

Thanks for the quick response!

Why has the android version not been updated for nearly a year?


The original Android build was made by the Gamecax group and it completely broke once combat and the new UI was added, which is why the 0.9.3 Android build couldn't even be updated to the last version of OoT on Ren'py. 

Now that we're on Unity, we're making a 100% homegrown Android build that will stay up to date with the desktop version and have fully playable gameplay. 


When will that be ready because this game looks really good and I can't wait to play it

Something like 40-50% of our current downloads are people trying the 0.9.3 Android version, so getting the Unity Android version running is our absolute top priority right now. We're hoping to have it in testing by the end of this month and out to everyone soon after, but you never know what hiccups may come up.


Probably one of the best and interesting stories I have played this year. Awesome. Can not wait to see where it goes :)


Thank you! Glad you've enjoyed it!

If it's not too much trouble, would you be up for leaving a rating for the game? It can really help us out!


I'm fairly new with  how do you leave ratings?  I'd be glad to leave one.


If you're looking at our game page, look at the top right floating menu and it should say "Leave a rating" on it. You do need to be logged in to see that, but that shouldn't be any problem since you can leave a comment! 


Doesn't show up in mobile Chrome browser,  switched to desktop mode and found it.  Rated. Thank you!   If you need an android tester, I'd volunteer. Lol


I've got a quick question, but let me preface this with some info. So after going through all of the content that is available it sends you on a lil free roam type of screen without an objective so u can still walk around and interact with some things while waiting for the next update. With that information when the new update comes out will there be somewhere I have to go to progress or will it automatically progress me to the next scene? Because I saved on the roam screen and I want to know if that's a good thing or not. 


You have it right, when the next chapter comes out there will be a new button you can go click to continue. The idea is so you won't have to reload an old save if you want to do any new side stories that come out between chapters, you can just load your free roam save and hop right into it.


Sweet! Thank you for clearing that up for me.


Cool story about me being lucky

Me: *Ends the game*

1 day passes

Me: I'm bored

Also Me: I will rate Out of Touch! 

Development log

v1.55.6 hotfix   1 day ago

Out of Touch! v1.55.5   1 day ago

Me: What


Hah, enjoy! We're on a two week update schedule now, so you'll have something new to come back to pretty often!

Oh and don't worry, the Android build is currently our top priority. We know there are tons of people waiting for it and we want to get it out to all of you as soon as we possibly can!

PLEASE make this Linux compatible, I'd love to play this since it looks so good but I can't. Would be highly appreciated!


Should work fine on the latest version of WINE last we checked. Is that not working?

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Last I checked it didnt work, ill be happy to try again

edit: It does not work for me, using wine 6.14 and Ubuntu 20.04


I suggest just playing it on your phone. Works mighty fine for me

I cant, I use iOS

hello i have a question. i play this when this is chapter 18 and now im going to continue it but i cant find the save files. where should i put my save files before ?

if you got to ch18 on the Unity build then you won’t have to do anything to transfer your saves, any updated build will automatically read your save folder.

but in general the save folder is located in user/appdata/LocalLow/Lightning Rooster Prouctions/OoT

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still not working. i think my save files is old because save file name now is saveslot_1.sav but my old save file is can i ask if you have save file for chapter 18 i can download ? if not then maybe i should just play it again from the beginning. not like i dont want it to play from the beginning again, it just because i dont have that much free time anymore cause in monday our starting class will begin. thanks (sorry for my bad english)

Yeah is a Ren'py save file, it won't work on Unity. However, here's a save file for Ch18 that will.


thank you so much!!! i love your work btw


Just curious, when the android version is released, will it have the most recent updates or will it be a few updates behind?


Our plan for android, as long as nothing weird happens, is to keep it completely up to date with every new release.


have this game Breast expansion?

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Another wonderful update, and not as mean of an ending as the last one ;p

Just killing space cause some spoilers below. Why Itch doesn't have a spoiler style is anyone's guess, but boy would it be handy for comments like these.





Hopefully bonding with Kieran actually gives Cro the boot and isn't a way to get more power than she already has. Can just imagine how that would go, though with CJ getting more power and Jamie and Sarah by extension it probably wouldn't last long anyways.

is android port updated with current content?

not yet.

Is the game compatible to joiplay for the latest update? I can't make it work so just want to confirm.

It is not, sadly.

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When the android version launches, will you be making an announcement either in the dev log on here or on discord? I'm excited to play. But sadly, my laptop monitor is fairly well busted, so I have to wait.

Edit: I did try downloading the windows version for use with Joiplay, but it seems its incompatible, so waiting it is. Just wanted to let anyone else with a similar idea know ahead of time. 

Absolutely. An android Unity build is one of our most requested features and we'll be shouting from the walls when it's ready. 

That makes sense, sadly. Joiplay works well with some simpler programs but Unity seems beyond it.


oh, for sure. It works fantastic with a few older games and pretty much anything made with renpy, but as you said, pretty much any unity game after unity v2 I've tried has been beyond its capacity. 

And good to hear. As I said, I'll happily be among the first to download it when its ready :)

Awesome, glad to hear! 

Getting a unity game installed without our own download/patching server is going to require a little bit of effort but once it’s installed the game should work fine.

1.34 will not be launched to Android?

The Unity android build is in progress and should be ready in the nearish future!

Ok, thank you

Version 1.34 Linux

Not running. On start it displays Unity logo then black screen. In log I found error on unavailable path:

DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path '/home/xnl/tmp/OoT/OoT Linux_Data\COMBATSCRIPTS~\'.

Directory is existing:

/bin/ls '/home/xnl/tmp/OoT/OoT Linux_Data/COMBATSCRIPTS~' -l
-rw-r--r-- 1 xnl xnl 282 июн 19 04:10 combat0.txt
-rw-r--r-- 1 xnl xnl 373 июн 22 09:03 combat1.txt

Maybe in code you assumed that path separator on Linux is \


Aha, that does seem to be the problem. Luckily, shouldn’t be too hard to fix. In the meantime, wine should work.

(1 edit)

v1.34 on mac doesn't work for me. It says :

You do not have permission to open the application “OoT v1.34”.

I have full permissions on my Mac so it isn't because of that.

Sorry we've been getting reports from people having issue with the latest Mac build. 

In the meanwhile, f you're on a Pre-Catalina OS you should still be able to play the Win version on WINE, but we're working to get the Mac build completely functional. We won't be leaving any of our Mac friends behind.

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Leaving this here since users can't read reviews yet (I think?). TLDR: Definitely worth downloading and checking out, it's worth it.

I find myself saying this to so many devs, but this is yet another game I wish I stumbled upon when it was finished.

At this point it's the same song and dance for me. The characters are interesting and the story itself is very interesting. I wanna see more and as badly as I want it now I'm very much looking forward to when updates are ready to be shared/released

My only complaint is that some chapters felt so short. That's not even a real complaint either, it's just because I didn't want to get to the end so soon. If the planned 100 chapters is still accurate I cannot wait to see the other 89!


thank you! 

I completely agree that some of the early chapters are pretty short, they were written way back when Out of Touch was actually a comic and averaged about 200 renders. New chapters are averaging much closer to 500-600, and Ch22 is likely going to break 2500. 

So don’t worry, despite the chapter count theres *lots* more to see!

Does the game work on android emulator?

I'm not really sure ^^;

But if you give it a try, let me know how it goes!


Will this game have android version of latest update??


We can hope :/


Just an update on this regard: The new mechanics introduced in v1.0 in Ch15 completely and utterly broke the android port we had going. Right now we're trying an engine swap which should hopefully allow us to keep a 1 to 1 android port going. 

Worst case scenario, I can make a version of the game without any gameplay that will run on android fine but it's an incomplete experience which is why I'm trying to do the better solution right now, even if it's taking a bit of time.


Thanks for the update, keep up the great work 😊


Yeahh tnx your game is super rare thats why i like it its not like other games this game has a super nice story tnx and have a nice day :)

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God seriously I really enjoyed the 15 chapters, at first I thought it would be a simple romantic story but no, this has style, it's funny, the choice of songs is good, what if I would like to say is that I wish there were more interaction choices between the protagonist and the characters, maybe just nonsense or jokes, it has been a pleasure to play it complete I will be aware of any update!


Thank you! 

I completely agree with the interaction choices, the Vol. 1 Beta that will be coming pretty soon will introduce actual gameplay/adventure segments and lots of opportunities to talk with other characters in less dramatic circumstances. 

It's definitely been something I wanted to add, but it was awkward to do when I was releasing chapters weekly as that made tracking conversation choices/decisions between chapters impossible. 

Hey, really liked your game, especially in the first chapters as it was fairly normal, really like the theme of the first 8 chapter. I don't know how to feel about the godly and ghostly stuff especially in the last chapter but either way it was a really nice experience to play this game.  Nice job!


Thank you! 

Ch.9 really does come out of left field, but rest assured the focus of the series will always be on character interactions and development like in Ch.1 through 8. 

Just finished the prologue. I have to say dude, you've got something good here. You blew  my expectations out of the water. Great pacing, great mix of comedy, great soundtrack, seriously fantastic work here. Usually references are cringey and awkward, but they fit here for whatever reason, I kekked more than once. Great job!


thank you very much!

Let me know what you think when you get to chapter 9, things get a little wild 😆

Anon from night before last, VN thread. Enjoying the game, at Chapter 5. Hope you keep it up. 

thanks for keeping with it dude! 

Mac release ?


Damn that was fast, thanks. I'll give it a shot.

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