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Hey man, Loved your game and nice story you have here, Although I downloaded the latest update, and All I see is White screen  at the start of Volume 3 any idea how to fix it?

There's a bug that we think we have a fix for that can sometimes cause images to fail to load when a chapter boundary is skipped or rolled back through. Either reloading an earlier save or just retrying until it loads right will work in the meantime, but we should have that fixed by the next update.



T_T too bad I can only play on android. fml


Came for a fap, ended up not fapping successfully for 3 days after getting hooked on the story. What have you done to me?


I have probably not played a game that is more introspective. Well written and. and amazing than this except i dont like VN. I i am still playing this tho.


Its like Jamie is trying to date me. and i do not like this.


The fun poking at HHG lol, sad but true. Would be nice if it did actually have an update though.

Killing some space cause slight spoilers and a suspicion I've had for a while.

I've actually looked to see if someone at Itch even commented on spoiler tag suggestions and lamely enough the posts I seen all went ignored and were years ago. Who knows how long we'll have to keep doing this. Half-Life 3 or spoiler tags, what will come first?




ANYWAYS, I'm sure Leah would disagree since there's a lot she has to deal with and sort through, but it's nice to have the more chill (In comparison, lol) and not life threatening drama to look forward to this time around. 

Actually interested in our next meeting/interaction with Cro. There's still that whole thing with what was returned to her that I want to know more about.

Time to break out the tinfoil hats with my suspicion!

Speaking of Cro though, Sarah seems to be getting more and more invested in CJ (understandably) but also her screws seem to be coming a little loose. At least from my perspective, anyways. Would not be surprised if we have a Chapter where she has a breakdown and we have to talk her down so she doesn't end up being like Cro, Carpo, Khione and the other two.


Wholeheartedly agreed. Though I do think Leah's "friend" is going to shake things up somehow. Definitely worried/excited about the stuff you mentioned in the last paragraph.


Just a theory, of course, though I wouldn't be surprised were it to happen some day. Also the kind of drama I wouldn't be surprised to see from this title in general lol.

I could totally be reading too much into things, but after all the events with Cro, Jamie's grandfather, the close call with Khione, and after hearing about CJ's mom it all just clicks for me. Just "Oh, this is how Cro, Khione, Carpo and crew all lost their mind", not all exact events but just string of tragedy after tragedy sorta things as they fell for all the CJ's.

I just downloaded the game last night and when I opened it up to try it, it says Failed to load Mono. Any help?

Your antivirus quarantined some of the files in the game when you unzipped it. 


Thanks that helped, Chads will rise!

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Nice game.

Found a rather problematic glitch.

So after CJ bonds wih Jaime, Sarah leaves a note saying he should spend time alone with the girls. Now when i do Theresa's it goes to the end, says "Theresa side arc 1 complete", "5 Motes of pride acquired" and then goes into a loop back to the title "The untread path" untill the end, then back to title, then until...

It may be relevant to add i went for Theresa last.


That's an issue we've seen happen rarely with the side quests, something to do with our mark system that is supposed to put you back where you started when you finish it. Never had it happen on that one though, weird.

If you load a prior save you should be able to get past it no problem, we have a hard time replicating it but it does eventually decide to work right.


I sometimes have issues with unity based visual novels. So it may be more of an incompatibility type of issue than a pure programming one. I don't know if that information can help you in any way.

As much as I'd love to shift blame to something high level like Unity, I have a feeling it's just as likely some tiny stupid oversight on our part. 


Not saying it's all Unity's fault. Most likely something you coded works for others and in a few cases fails due to circumstances wich may or may not be linked to Unity either alone or in cunjunction with whatever. If i thought it was all Unity failing me i'd not have told you i hope it may help.

I only pointed my past issues with Unity for if you  ever want to look down that path...

Managed to get past that point in the game anyway, and that's what currently matters to me. ^^


I had war flashbacks

That said; so far 10/10! Its so funny I'm invested.


This game is just amazing the story is so good  i can't wait for more updates. Genuinely amazing work.


Is the scene with Sarah and Jamie on the top of the page an actual scene on the game???? Because if so, I unfortunately missed it ;-;

Not yet.

Why is the android file size much smaller am i missing a lot by playing on android should i play it on windows?


Andorid has only 15 chapters while PC and Mac have 30 chapters.
The game was initially created in renpy (the android has only been released upto the last renpy release), but now the game is being build in unity and dev was having some issue rolling out android version, the work for the releasing android version  is still in progress, you will have to wait till that is completed, or meanwhile can play it in PC /Mac.


Loving my time with the game so far. The modeling is done in Koikatsu, right? The images are placed exceptionally well, and the story is enthralling. There are expressive characters and a tremendous theme of camaraderie. Each scene has so many variables that it baffles my mind to think about how much time must have been spent forming each image, and adjusting the camera to take every perspective picture.

My sole criticism is that I am ruffled by the word "fag" being used twice in my ~3 hours of time spent with the game so far, by sympathetic characters. It comes off highly insensitive when the characters are otherwise so perceptive to the feelings of others.

I'm only at Chapter 8, but I intend to keep reading. There's so much soul and heart in the story and I'm looking forward to seeing how things develop. Thank you!


Thank you! Glad you're enjoying it!

The decision to use that word in some dialogue wasn't an easy one, but was made because I wanted to show CJ was crass in some ways that aren't exactly endearing (And Jamie awkwardly trying to ape that behavior back at him).


he's meant to be a Reddit bro isn't he?

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Okay so I never really made an account on this website (or for any websites which has to do with stuff like this for that matter) but for this game... I JUST HAD TO! 

What a masterpiece of a game. This truly embellishes the quote "Came for the sexy, stayed for the story" quote. I was just looking for a quick fap but there I was, both hands on my phone, focused on the story. I never had a VN game that got me hooked like this, let alone an eroge one.

I truly can't wait for the updated version for Android! I need to read Chapter 16-30 ASAP!

Much love to you, Story Anon ❤


Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! Android's still coming, don't worry!


I gotta say, this might be one of the best experiences I've had of this genre. The game has brought me to tears multiple times in multiple ways. The comedy, the heartwarming moments, the melancholic moments. The writing has just been a pleasure to read through. 

The world that the game is set in is also genuinely interesting and I can't wait to see the lore of the universe fleshed out. 

Each character has felt unique and exciting to see more of. A lot of times with these types of VNs, I end up enjoying Character A, and finding it a slog to get through Character B's story to get more of A. I've never felt like that playing Out of Touch, not a single time. Every character is a blast to learn more about and have on screen. 

I can't wait to see how it all progresses,  and I'll definitely be doing my part of sharing this game with others. 

(Big Hall & Oates fan too!)


Thank you!

Can someone help me?i cant start the game on android version.i press the start button multiple times and it wont start the game.pls help


So far I'm enjoying the game and alot of girls are peaking my interest. But is are there routes or branches where you can pick a girl? Or is it entirely linear?


Chad does all routes and all routes are canon. Every main girl gets at least one arc dedicated to her story and you'll end up doing all of them.


This game just awesome! Man, you do really good job


Genuinely scared to play the new patch after the last cliffhanger


I felt that. I both did and didn't want to play it at the same time for that very same reason.

Can I carry my old Save files (previous update chapter 28) to the recent Update?

it should work

Even If delete the previous update? Or should I copy some files First?

Saves are located in your Appdata/LocalLow folder, so unless that's been deleted it'll work just fine.


i have a bug where at the first fight the ui disapears and the animations of spinning around the mc keeps looping

Saldy, this bug is known, and I heard there is a fix in the works.

First, at the beginning of the fight there is a note about this. There is a sign that Story Anon has somewhere..

To get around this issue, heal the Hostage to full health and don't let Sarah/CJ die..  You may need to give Cro a punch to allow the Heals reach the Hostage. Also at the beginning of each round you can choose how much Magic Sarah takes of CJ give her as much as she can take.

Yes it's fixed in the new update coming tomorrow.


btw i love this game, the writing is amazing and visualzes are really good, by far one of my favorite vn's ever

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want to ask some questions... can i play the last computer version of the game in Android by using the joiplay app? mean is it supported in joiplay to run or not yet? i don't remember the last time i tried to download this game but it wasn't supported on joiplay or it didn't run for some reason. and the most important part is  is there are a lewd scane? or it's just a romance story game? 

i haven't played the game but I'm very curious about it. so if it won't run on joiplay for Android then please make the next update do. 

looking forward to the game! 

renpy games works on joiplay, but this is unity , so I dont know about that. Lets hope Story Anon Or Snow answers to that.

yes there is lewd, there is twosome 3some 4cum 5..... 😜

OMG!!! a4 and 5cum?!?! make it run on joiplay right now!!! 

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Where are they? I finished the android version at chapter 15 and I still haven't seen one. Also, why are there only 15 chapters on the android version?

Andorid has only 15 chapters while PC and Mac have 28-29 chapters, and yes these scenes are in later chapters.
The game was initially created in renpy (the android has only been released upto the last renpy release), but now the game is being build in unity and dev was having some issue rolling out android version, the work for the releasing android version  is still in progress, you will have to wait till that is completed, or meanwhile can play it in PC /Mac.

Alright, thanks for clearing that up!

CJ is such a himbo, i love him


When is the android version releasing?


I've heard so many great things about the game, and I played for 20 minutes and I already know I'm about to like it. Just a quick question, how long is it currently, I noticed it's at around Chapter 29 but I'm not familiar with how long each Chapter takes. Lastly, is there a place I can go to find out more about the game? Like when it first started and such. Sorry to bother and thanks for reading my comment!


Hello! The game is roughly between 16-20 hours long up through Chapter 28. 
Feel free to DM me any questions here or on Discord. 


Incredible.  Android user and I was gripped right upto chapter 15...this could be a movie...trippy as F**k but I'd  watch it.

I simply can't wait to for Android to be updated.  Fantastic work!


Is this a sandbox type of game?




Are there any H-scenes?

If not, well...

Came for the fap, stayed for the story


There indeed are!


Very unique and well done. Definitely deserves its description, the only way to describe it is as a psychedelic melodrama. And the MC is somehow a total douchebag but also completely loveable? Not sure how you managed that, but making him a caricature of a human(ish) being gave this a completely original vibe that I really enjoyed.  To change a single stroke (giggity) would ruin this bizarre AVN. I feel like you could totally release a PG13 version and people would love it. Definitely not for someone who hates whimsy or suspending disbelief but for me, 10/10 experience


Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

It keeps crashing every time I start the game. I only saw the sentence "I'll do it" then it crashes.


Update from
I managed to resolve the issue where the game hangs on switching tab. (I edited the wine configuraton to emulate virtual desktop. So now game opens inside a wine window instead of directly using the application,)

Regarding the skipping dialogue, Ctrl does works. If I replay through the Examine and Talk at different places in the same game play the second time, it skips perfectly.
BUT, if I restart (close and open) the game and have to play through those parts it doesn't seems to be working.
I don't think its linux only issues, as it should be saved in local file somewhere in the machine (in the same place where save files gets saved.) and should had been rerendered on starting the game, right? (Something similar to persistent file concept in renpy based games)


Thank you, I've relayed this to Snow.

i have a probleme with the first Fight never ending, a bug when the action ui disapear during the fight with Aine vs Cro

nvm i just have to perma heal the hostage 

how do you fix this cause i have the same issue

just have to perma heal the hostage

although the many protagonists was confusing at first, I really enjoyed this visual novel, there are a few bugs, a few lines that could be worded better but overall, it's good.  can't wait for the next update.

bugs include the day/time on saves not working and instead displaying jan 1 12;00,  cj saying "I want your dick inside me" when I assume that was supposed to be said by anyone else (lmao) and upon returning to the real world with jamie and not jamie the screen faded to white and I was unable to progress, I asume this is probably around the end for the version I played. Oh yeah! and the auto and skip buttons get stuck on once selected.

I have a problem since a game file got corrupted, if someone could upload the movies file in streaming assets it would honestly save my life.


This game is incredible, you really did a masterpiece. When the Android version will receive a update? I'm looking forward to see the next chapters. 


Damn. I think the ending to this chapter is a meaner cliff hanger than the one back in June lol, 29 and 30 are gonna be a hell of a ride.

Easily one of my favorite VN's,  as always, very much looking forward to seeing future updates and how the story progresses!

Where are the save files for this game?

user/Appdata/localLow/Lightning rooster prouctions/oot 


What about on Mac? That path doesn't exist on my machine. Thank you!

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i would suggest searching the term Lightning rooster in base folder of MAC to find its path


Found it! For the other three of us on Macs, saves are in a folder at "~/Library/Application Support/com.LightningRoosterProuctions.OoT". Because it's inside the Library folder (which is a protected system folder) CMD-F won't show it. MacOS Spotlight however, will. Now I know where to restore from in my Time Machine backups if something gets screwed up. Thanks!

man chapter 27 end in such a good place, i don't think i dare to see 28


Firstly, the game is pretty awesome, the story is great and all.

Secondly, I am playing using wine on linux machine. So I was sort off wondering if there is any plan for ubuntu support for the same,
Because I am facing this particular issue.
a) If I switch the tab and return back to the game, it would be frozen (So I always needs to hit the save constantly). 

b) I am not sure if its wine specific issue or something else, Can you tell if there is a shortcut key for skip dialogues, as the button on the buttom don't seem to work for me.

c) This is a bug I noted, in v1.77 (previous version) During duel with Cro vs MC + Sarah, if play without any healing for Sarah and eventually if she runs out health, the game goes into loop and dont exits or retries the fight, atleast a game over would be better in that case (again i am not sure, if it happens because of playing it on wine).

Sorry for my bad English BTW.


Glad you're enjoying it!

Getting a native Linux version going is still on our development list but Android has just been taking all of our time. Still going to happen at some point though.

A) Yeah sounds like a WINE issue. I'm surprised you even got it to work with WINE, quite a few people were saying they weren't able to.

B) I believe the default skip key should be ctrl. 

C) This was an issue with Cro's AI where she would decide what to do before CJ refills his MP. She has a bit where she wont attack CJ if he has no MP, but if Aine is KO'd then she won't do anything. The issue was that CJ's MP refill was outside of this loop instead of inside, so Cro would just continue deciding to do nothing forever. It's fixed now in the newest dev build. 

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